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Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Idea Day!

So today is the day when everyone has to get out of the warm and cozy safe-haven known as their bed early to conquer the world again this week.

It's a Monday.

The weekend is sadly over, but luckily this week will be filled with crafts and messy fun stuff.

So tell your boss that his fist looks better in his mouth, kick off your heels, (or work shoes, eat that gender discrimination!) and let's go over this week.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, so I'll be showing you my latest projects! This includes cute little crochet collars and Kindle Fire covers. (Stay tuned for free patterns!)

Wednesday I'll be showing you guys a bunch of different things you can use grocery bags for. The plastic kind of course.

Thursday I'll be showing you how to turn old textbooks into gorgeous origami flowers. (Step-by-step directions included, don't worry!)

Friday of course I'll be putting up a few Etsy listings and I'll make sure to go over them all in a post. :)

Saturday we'll be making really cool "lanterns" out of books. (It's all a cool folding trick, your books shall be spared on this day also.)

See you tomorrow!

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